“Nickel Plated Gold”

Local writer/artist Brian Bieber stopped by the studio this week to talk about his new book “Nickel Plated Gold”. Along the way we covered DIY ethics surviving in 2013, gnashing opossums and what it really takes to make your own art npg_coverprv1a in todays world.

Brian was really fun to talk to and we hope he’ll sit in with us again as soon as possible. Until then pick up a copy of his new book at www.ghostsandhorses.com or at Zandbros Variety in Downtown Sioux Falls. He will be doing a reading and book signing there this Thursday September 12th at 7pm and an event   Cabaret Tickets Oct 25in Minneapolis next month.

Check him out and support a great local artist.

Listen to his episode: 

Check out Brian’s podcast Ghosts and Horses Radio Hour:

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Reynold Reynolds

The first time I saw something Reynold Reynolds made I was projecting his collaborative short film with Patrick Jolly, “Sugar”, to a near empty house during a sleepy film festival in Chicago in 2005-06. To be fair it was a mis-step on the festivals part to choose a noon showtime on a Saturday for a short film tagged as “foreign” (Jolly is Irish I believe and Reynolds is an American but is based in Europe). We had the print for a few days after the festival closed, and I must have watched it 20 times in a 750 seat theatre all by myself. It was hard to get ahold of a lot of Reynolds work back then but the internet has solved that for us. So take a minute, or 100, and check out some of Reynolds amazing film/video work. I’ll post a link to his website after the videos. 

Visit his website for more info and a lot more great art.


Aids-3D is a duo of American artists living in Berlin that have been making rad shit since forever ago both seperately and as a group.   Info about them used to be easier to find, and the website seems to be down for now, but i’ll throw up the stuff from Vimeo and you can use your own skills to search out more if you like it. I do, and we’ve always seen eye-to-eye about this type of stuff. 

I sent e-mails to every address I could find for them so hopefully we will be talking via phone on AMIA very soon. Stay tuned and get some art in your brain.

Is Tropical is good…i think

Is Tropical is a three piece from London that I found while in an internet tornado of new/old Richard Kern video stuff. I’m not really sure if the music is good, I find the video really works best on mute w/ Danny Brown in seperate headphones. Beyond that they are my favorite new band. 


FEMEN Forever!!

With the state of the world today don’t we need an organization that will really get to the heart of the matter while scaring the shit out of everybody and taking all of their clothes off? FEMEN is a multi-country womens activist group that protests (mostly) in Eastern Europe and Russia and what-not against religious and governmental oppression of women. I think I love them…

FEMEN France is asking for your help. Please listen and form a FEMEN chapter of your own to aid the struggle for human rights everywhere. 

YouTube can’t handle the extreme power of FEMEN so thanks Vimeo for believing in freedom for everyone and free speech for the planet. Fascist YouTube can eat a dick. (But please feel free to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for fun video updates from us.)