The Part About The New Apple Orchard

There is a new Apple Orchard opening north of town. For details see video. In other news Scott shows off his excellent live-ad reading skills.
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The Part When We Talked to Brian Bieber

Local SFX writer/artist Brian Bieber stopped by the basement to discuss keeping the DIY spirit (not the channel those posers) alive into adulthood, Punk Rock as a gateway drug and his first experience in self-publishing. All that and a lot more on the podcast.

Find all things Brian Bieber at
His new book “Nickel Plated Gold” is available now and really, really good…get it


Reynold Reynolds

The first time I saw something Reynold Reynolds made I was projecting his collaborative short film with Patrick Jolly, “Sugar”, to a near empty house during a sleepy film festival in Chicago in 2005-06. To be fair it was a mis-step on the festivals part to choose a noon showtime on a Saturday for a short film tagged as “foreign” (Jolly is Irish I believe and Reynolds is an American but is based in Europe). We had the print for a few days after the festival closed, and I must have watched it 20 times in a 750 seat theatre all by myself. It was hard to get ahold of a lot of Reynolds work back then but the internet has solved that for us. So take a minute, or 100, and check out some of Reynolds amazing film/video work. I’ll post a link to his website after the videos. 

Visit his website for more info and a lot more great art.